The IEEE Electrical Insulation Conference (EIC) sponsored by the IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society,  is an annual applied conference on liquid, solid and gaseous materials based in the Americas, and is directed towards those who develop, test, or use electrical insulation in electrical equipment. The papers present practical applications of electrical insulating systems and materials and diagnostics, for all types of electrical and electronic equipment.  The technical program typically addresses the practical concerns of engineers, researchers and managers who develop, design, apply, install, test, maintain, and work with power cables, transformers, motors, generators, outdoor equipment, switchgear, or develop new materials and/or testing methodologies for electrical insulation.

The technical program is split into several oral and poster sessions.  During these sessions, you will find answers to your questions on what new insulation products are available, as well as what new developments are being made in diagnostic testing, practical life extension, and shared field experiences, all with the common theme of electrical insulation.  Papers address both practical application issues as well as research into new materials and test methods.

The exhibition portion of the conference allows attendees to meet with vendors face to face.  This includes potential suppliers of materials, diagnostic equipment, and services to see their products and offerings.

Some topics of interest have included: Rotating machines, Variable speed drives, Transformers, Cables, Outdoor insulation (including live line work), Aerospace, Switchgear (including arresters), and Capacitors.


A detailed history of the conference can be found here.

Published in: IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine ( Volume: 19 , Issue: 4 , July-Aug. 2003 )

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