The purpose of this Workshop is to have a discussion of specific Dissection Techniques,
pros and cons, methodologies and equipment, for the dissection of form wound coils
and bars used in stators of rotating equipment.

Who should attend:
This Workshop is open to individuals who have an interest and/or expertise in stator bar
or stator coil dissection techniques, with a focus on form wound coils/bars. This may be
of particular interest to novice engineers and students to learn from industry experts.

Date and Time:
Wednesday, 2022 June 22, 8am-12pm

$50 for workshop attendees that are also registered for 2022 IEEE EIC:
$75 for those that wish to attend only the workshop.
Registration is to be paid through IEEE Electrical Insulation Conference 2022 Registration website(https://ipmhvc-eic-2022.com/registration/). Cost includes the one 4
hour session. This event will be limited to the first 60 paid registrations.

The format of this in person workshop will be a series of presentations on 4 specific
aspects of stator bar/coil dissection, to be presented by invited leaders in the field. The
presentations are in a dual presenter format, with discussions as well as Q&A with the
audience members.


  • Classical Tools (#2)
  • Insulation Style Variation for Removal (#3)
  • Analysis Failure Type (#8)
  • Record Keeping (#9)

There will be a keynote speaker discussing the Need for Dissection Techniques (#1).
This is a follow up to the 2021 virtual Dissection Techniques Workshop #1. These
Workshops are being held as a prelude to the writing of the Direction Techniques Guide
(IEEE P3149). There will also be another virtual Dissection Techniques Workshop #3 in
the Fall/Winter of 2022.
For further information specific to the Workshop, please contact the Dr. Nancy Frost,
Chair of the Dissection Techniques Working Group, at DrNancyFrost@gmail.com.

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