Take a break from the technical sessions and join us for FREE lunch!  Please go back into the CVENT system and add this to your registration so we may plan for food and beverage. The event is limited to 100 people.

On Tuesday June 21, 2022 IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society is sponsoring an on-site catered lunch with a program related to increasing awareness around diversity and inclusion. Diversity can be defined in various ways, but ultimately bringing together and welcoming different perspectives leads to greater innovation.  Come learn more about how to foster a diverse and inclusive environment. The option to attend the lunch has a nominal fee of $10 FREE, that appears when registering for the conference. Refunds for those who have already paid will be provided at the conference. The number of seats is limited and on a first come basis, so do not delay if you are interested.  If you have any questions regarding the lunch or program, please reach out to Elizabeth Foley at Dr.E.Foley@ieee.org.  If you have questions about registration, please contact Liz Tillotson at ekt@soton.ac.uk.  We look forward to seeing you at the conference!

Embracing Inclusivity for Future Success

Countless studies show that inclusive workplaces are better positioned for future success. During this interactive session, we will realize the many benefits of an inclusive work environment. We will develop an understanding of the factors that contribute to building diverse teams and challenge our own unconscious biases to inspire true inclusivity. Real workplace scenarios will be utilized to uncover simple actions that help build a sustainable culture of inclusivity.

Jenni Bates, EdD

Dr. Jenni Bates is an expert in facilitating communications, interpersonal skills, decisiveness and negotiating for all levels of leadership. She is a recognized champion for the connection between leadership, employee satisfaction, and productivity/client satisfaction focusing the research for her doctoral dissertation on the connectivity of leadership to patient satisfaction scores. Working with organizations, Dr. Bates has facilitated the development of strategic plans, implemented mechanisms to improve processes, improved internal communication, and prepared leaders for their new and diverse roles.

Dr. Bates’s academic and professional experiences in education, healthcare, and government organizations empower her to lead organizations in discovering and solving complex problems. Her enthusiasm and creative thinking style assists organizations in recognizing and breaking through their existing paradigms to generate non-traditional approaches to difficult situations.

Dr. Bates has led or facilitated thousands of development sessions, conducted thousands of meetings for small and large groups, and wrote or edited the curriculum for hundreds of training programs. Her greatest passion is guiding organizations through the development and implementation of customized development programs spanning the entire employee life cycle from onboarding to outboarding.

Dr. Bates received her doctorate in Executive Leadership from Lincoln Memorial University in Tennessee. While completing the research for her doctoral dissertation, she was privileged to work with administrators from hospitals throughout the southeastern United States that scored in the top tenth percentile on HCAHPS surveys. The research for her dissertation focused on the connectivity of leadership style, including the actions and attitudes of hospital administrators, and patient satisfaction.

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