Technical Tour

Thursday, June 23

We are excited to offer a tour of the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. This requires registration prior to May 1, 2020 to allow time for processing ORNL access requests.  The tour is open to all paid attendees but will require an additional fee of $50 per person. The access request will use you email address you supply during the registration process for the conference.

Tour Schedule:

Tour details will be posted here later.

Spallation Neutron Source

SNS produces neutrons with an accelerator-based system that delivers short (microsecond) proton pulses to a steel target filled with liquid mercury through a process called spallation. Those neutrons are then directed toward state-of-the-art instruments that provide a variety of capabilities to researchers across a broad range of disciplines including physics, chemistry, biology, and materials science.

With its more intense, brighter source of neutrons and world-class instrument suite, SNS provides the neutron scattering community with unprecedented research opportunities. The facility allows for measurements of greater sensitivity, higher speed, and higher resolution and in more complex sample environments than have been possible at other neutron facilities around the world.

Klystron Gallery
Superconducting Cyromodules in Linac tunnel
Quadrupole Magnets in tunnel


Visiting Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Users must present the proper identification and travel documents when they arrive at ORNL. Anyone who fails to present these, will not be permitted site access and will be unable to access the SNS.


ORNL is a Federal Facility and will, in compliance with the REAL ID Act, require an acceptable form of identification:

A REAL ID compliant state driver’s license
A passport
A military ID

Users without compliant identification will not be allowed access to the SNS. If you hold a driver’s license from one of the noncompliant states, you will need an alternate ID. For more information on REAL ID and to check if your state is compliant, please visit the TSA website and the DHS Real ID Brief.

Additional Documentation for Foreign Nationals

A current passport and visa documents, or LPR (green) card, are required for foreign nationals to participate in research at ORNL. For example, I-797, DS-2019, or I-20 forms or EAD cards. These items must be presented to the receptionist at the Visitor Center.

Individuals traveling from outside the United States must arrive with a Business – Type Visa, either a Visa Waiver Program (VWP) – Business or Visitor Visa – Business (B-1) status. This status must be stamped by the immigration officer at the port of entry. Before leaving the immigration station, carefully inspect the stamp and ensure it says visa waiver – business (VW-B) or B-1. If it says anything else, explain to the immigration officer you are entering the United States for business and require a stamp that reflects a business visit.

ALL Foreign National visitors to ORNL are required to submit a curriculum vitae/resume for access processing. This new requirement from DOE headquarters applies to all Foreign National visitors regardless of citizenship, affiliation, or subject being discussed. The CV/resume must include all the Foreign National’s science and technology specialties, all work positions with no time gaps and the current, accurate names of all academic institutions attended. The time period must cover high school graduation to the current date.