Short Courses

Short course programs will be offered during the morning (8:00AM – 12:00PM) of Thursday, June 23.   Attendees have the option of registering with a short course (for an additional fee) as part of the conference registration process.  Please contact the Short Course Chair with questions on the short course program.

These short course have been approved for CEU credits.  For those who would like to receive a certificate, please  complete an evaluation form during the short course. 

Note that a minimum number of attendees are required to hold a short course.  If a course becomes cancelled, the registered course attendees will have the option of signing up for another course or receiving a refund.

Short Course 1: TBD

8:00 – 12:00 Thursday, June 23




Short Course 2: TBD

8:00 – 12:00  Thursday, June 23





Special Short Course on Sunday June 19:  Introduction to Power Modulators for EIC attendees

13:00 – 17:00  Sunday, June 19


This course is intended to provide a broad introduction to power modulators for attendees that wish to learn about the field prior to the start of the conference.  The course will also discuss the basic concepts associated with power modulator applications, systems, design issues, and test techniques.



  • Lasers and X-rays
  • Power electronics and energy converters
  • Opening and closing switches
  • Repetitive Pulsed Power
  • Accelerators
  • High Power Microwaves
  • Electromagnetic Launchers
  • Biological, medical, and environmental applications of Power Modulators



Special Short Course on Sunday June 20: Fundamentals of electrical insulation materials and testing for IPMHVC attendees
8:00 – 12:00 Sunday, June 20

Short Course Description: The focus of this short course is the fundamental aspects of electrical insulation materials, primarily for rotating equipment. This general course will cover basic components of an insulation system, material selection criteria, review of intrinsic properties as well as aging parameters for the motor and generator applications. Major test methodologies and standards used in selecting and qualifying insulation systems will be discussed, with a focus on IEEE and ASTM standards, touching on IEC standards.

It is intended that this short course help the novice understand the critical working aspects of electrical insulation materials. This knowledge can aid in maintenance decision processes, equipment repair decisions, as well as educate those in the industry understand the tradeoffs in rotating equipment dielectric materials selection process.


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